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Creating a safe space for the African woman to learn about Bitcoin, while being part of a women-focused community that wants her to succeed.

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empowering women through bitcoin

We are dedicated to empowering women through comprehensive financial education, with a particular focus on bitcoin and its transformative potential.

We believe that by equipping women with the knowledge and tools to understand and utilize bitcoin, we can help them achieve financial independence and play an active role in the rapidly evolving digital economy.

We narrow the gender divide through our workshops, online courses, and mentorship programs.

Dada means Sister in Swahili


What Students Say About Us

"As a person who works with women from the slums my mantra is to empower a woman you empower a community. Bitcoin is a source of income for us. Financial security is crucial to every woman, for in Bitcoin we take back our power."

Kalondu Muthemba BDD Student

"African women are underrepresented in tech and finance spaces. Today Bitcoin promises global revolution, it gives hope for financial freedom especially to women in countries where financial systems are too corrupt to be trusted. With the education at Bitcoin Dada we can broaden our sources of income giving us financial freedom."

Beatrice Wanjiru BDD Student

The African woman has been demeaned for as long as we can retrace our history. Financial literacy was not championed for us. And as with every passing revolution, Africa has been left behind. Bitcoin however levels the playfield across the globe. Bitcoin education for women opens vast opportunities ranging from careers to finncial liberation.

Bitcoin Dada sets an entry point for us to participate in the ecosystem without fear or doubts.

Lucy Manzi BDD Student

As a female in this male dominated African society such opportunities are not offered to us by men themselves. And if they do its either in return for something; eg. money but in most cases it is too pricy and the chances are low being exposed to the knowledge about bitcoin on normal instances.

Personally Bitcoin dada has empowered me and my fellow ladies and it has exposed us to the eye opening knowledge that not many people in our society know, since most of us are stuck in traditional banking systems. A future with many financial free women sounds powerful. Bitcoin is the key to financial freedom. Bitcoin is the future. ✊🏾

Britney Riziki Tonui Clinical Psychology , Social Science Student

Women In Bitcoin

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