Bitcoin Dada

About Us

Bitcoin Dada is a women centric entity that is working towards educating African women into Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Dada was founded to try to resolve three issues in the ecosystem: first, to reduce the knowledge barriers for everyday women to enter the Bitcoin world; second, to make bitcoin relatable to the masses; lastly, to narrow the gender divide in this space through education, community, and social network platforms.

We hope to create a network of well-wishers to further grow our reach to women not easily accessible via normal platforms, in women-only education centers, rural communities, SMEs, university students, and those in low-income communities, across the African continent.  

Bitcoin education can provide several benefits to women, including financial empowerment and increased access to financial services. By learning about the technology behind it and how to use it, African women can gain greater control over their finances and be more independent. Additionally, its decentralized nature enables anyone with an internet connection to use it, making it accessible to African women in areas where traditional banking services are limited. Finally, it can provide opportunities for African women to participate in the growing bitcoin economy as investors, entrepreneurs, and developers.

Women form a significant population in Africa, and are often left behind in many innovations in the digital space. At Bitcoin Dada we endeavor to close the gap and turn what is perceived to be foreign and even suspect technology into a well understood and adopted resource to masses, through online courses, events and social networking.

Meet Our Team

Marcel Atieno

Founder & CEO

Natalie Mwangi

Operations Manager

Sabina Waithirah

Content Creator

Adelide Kanaiza

Community Manager

Venice Kore

Legal Lead

our goals & achievements

The goal is to expand the reach of Bitcoin by holding more meetups, increase enrollment in online courses, promoting bitcoin circular economies, creating educational resources for the general public, and promoting entrepreneurial ventures.

Through the power of Bitcoin, the future looks brighter for African women, poised to leave a lasting positive impact on society, and inspiring generations to come.