BITCOIN DADA’s 5th Cohort Graduation

THEME: Education is KEY to widespread Bitcoin Adoption

BTC DADA celebrated a noteworthy accomplishment on a memorable Saturday 18TH Nov 2023,  by proudly announcing the graduation of their fifth cohort. The occasion, which represented the success of a varied group of 28 outstanding women from different African nations, was the result of months of commitment and labor. This graduation demonstrated the program’s dedication to helping women around the continent, in addition to demonstrating the transforming power of Bitcoin education. 

Many Accomplishments and Fortitude 

The 5th cohort’s graduation served as evidence of the participants’ determination and commitment as they spent months studying Bitcoin. Having delegates from two African nations, the group’s diversity was not only acknowledged but celebrated as a strength that adds depth and richness to the BTC DADA community. 

Ugandan Graduates Setting the Standard

The presence of the first graduates from Uganda was a particularly revolutionary component of this graduation. Individuals like Edith Mpumwire, Angella Wafwoyo and Martha Nakiryowa accomplishments was a watershed moment for BTC DADA, demonstrating the program’s growing reach and the continent’s growing use of Bitcoin. Not only did these women get their certificates of completion, but they also became trailblazers, tearing down barriers for others to follow. 

Supportive Community and Esteemed Guests 

More than a hundred people attended the graduation ceremony, including well-known players in the industry, business insiders, and advocates who are all passionate about women’s empowerment and Bitcoin education.

The session began with a fireside chat between Bitcoin Dada Founder Marcel Lorraine and Bitcoin Enthusiast Noelyne Sumba.

“If we truly desire the liberation we seek as Africans, we cannot achieve it with one gender representation. We need everyone on board, Male or Female.”


The two are a true testament of the importance of having female representation in the male dominated space.

Prominent individuals like Eric Hersman, CEO of GridlessCompute, captivated the audience with a perceptive Q&A session, highlighting the cooperative and encouraging spirit of the BTC DADA community. Additionally, attendees received Bitcoin memorabilia kindly provided by @whiteafrican. 

Digital Best Wishes from the Blockchain Ecosystem

Important personalities in the industry joined the event virtually to give their best wishes. Congratulating the graduates and wishing them well were Nikolai Tjongareo founder of EasySats ,Frank Corva from New renaissance capital podcast, and Nzonda Fosting, the author  of Bitcoin Kids Comic book.

Human Rights Foundation, Chief Strategy Officer, Alex Gladstein sent a special message congratulating the women on their accomplishments and asking them to share the knowledge they possess in order to protect others from the dangers of fiat money. 

The event would not have been complete without Bitcoin Educators such as Vladimir Fomene(Bitcoin Developer), Isaac Mumo (SatoshifyMe) Master Guantai(Bitcoin Mtaani) and Felix Mukungu(The CORE)

Advancing through Education and Self-determination 

BTC DADA is making progress toward its goal of empowering women in the Bitcoin industry as the graduates go into the next stage of their journey, equipped with certifications and a thorough understanding of Bitcoin. The program’s effectiveness in teaching women about Bitcoin and creating a community that actively promotes the use and benefits of Bitcoin throughout the African continent is demonstrated by the graduation of the fifth cohort. Within the dynamic domain of Bitcoin, BTC DADA continues to be a guiding light for female empowerment, dismantling obstacles and fostering opportunities for them to prosper in this new revolutionary world of Bitcoin.

Congratulations to the NEW PLEBS IN TOWN! This is just the beginning your journey into the Bitcoin rabbit hole!

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